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Random Reminiscence

by  Ambitions of Lisa

Posted: Tuesday, November 21, 2006
Word Count: 208

He wanders into my mind
as though I've left the door open for him,
when it was my intention
to keep it firmly shut.

He rummages through my memories,
unsurfacing ones of him and I
which i'd buried
towards the back.

"I think about you! I miss you!"
He sends a text message out of the blue.
Angry but weak, I say
"I miss you too!"

His voice echoes like a speaker in an empty room
and my name rolls off his tongue,
like it used to
all night in bed.

I did wonder if he missed the sex
I knew he did because of things he said,
but not part time
how it was back then.

Did she know I was arousing his thoughts?
right now, I try to block her out
images of her with him
because it could be me.

So long since I saw him, touched him
I long to un-delete his pictures.
I can remember, only
his smiling blue eyes

I can't smell him anymore,
like the times I'd go home and he would linger,
his sweet aftershave
all over me.

The passion was constant, so powerful
it gagged the voice of common sense
telling me to stop,
before I fell

in love!