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by  Felmagre

Posted: Wednesday, September 10, 2003
Word Count: 318

I see the tea bags hanging out to dry;
my heart, it sinks, again!
This means, of course, she's gambled,
next weeks food away.
Slot machines, I wish they were alive;
I'd kick and shout and scream at them.
I'd plead, and want a ban imposed
to stop them being fed;
when back at home we starve.

You see, when tea bags hang to dry
that's only just the start;
for underneath the floorboards,
are bills of ever kind,
It could, of course, be worse;
though gambling's bad enough;
but drinking,well, my Dad does that;
I'm use to it by now,
as he's done it for so long.

But Mum, her gambling's something new;
it's only just begun.......
she start, it to pay the bills.
then made a win, a little one,
so now she gambles every day ,
and cannot seem to stop.
Of course, I cannot tell my friends,
No matter, but it would be nice
to have a normal life.

I know they sometimes wonder,
why I never ask them in.
then food and warmth, within my home,
comes in stops and starts.
and every now and then;
the furniture it walks;
another thing, my mother says,
she forgot to pay.

So I find it very strange
that politicians change the rules
to make it that much easier ,
for mum to spend my dinner money,
on roulette wheels and slot machines
and get nothing in return.
I can't think why the've done this,
Now life is that bit harder;
though tough enough before.

So all of this has made me think,
that when I reach my mothers age
I'll have a bank account,
I'll pay my bills, not take on debt
not drink nor feed machines,
I'll make my tea with tea bags from a box.
and cook and feed myself..
Though, just right now , I'm hungry,
so I'd settle for some chips.