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Geometry or How Many Summers?

by  apsara

Posted: Friday, September 22, 2006
Word Count: 108
Summary: Quick & dirty this one - but fun!

How many worlds in a circle?
How may summers in a square?
Can you make love to a hypotenuse?
Or fill a right angle with air?

Can you make a diameter chuckle?
Or instil a rhombus with fear?
If I played with your circumference,
would you give me a clip round the ear?

Have you tried to impress a triangle,
Stroked its sides and admired its points?
Or offered to dance with a hexagon,
curving your hands round its joints?

If you have, you'll know it's a waste of time,
shapes have no feelings, angles no poetry.
And that's why I'm telling the teacher,
geometry's not for me!