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Life of Mine

by  jadeddreamer

Posted: Wednesday, September 13, 2006
Word Count: 162
Summary: Just putting some clarity into words
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Just sittin' beside my bed
another night come and gone
these four walls
claiming this place I call home

I still don't know
Which way I chose to go
Just another place
Just someone else's needs I have to meet

I have seen so many of these places
a blur all these faces
the lifetimes I've lived
none to call my own

I search for the path
the trail;
the one to call mine
the one I blaze
to set my moment in time

Somehow I still sit
wasting the gifts given to me
unintentionally letting life pass me by
until the answers I seek
there is no longer even a question

Each day,
I hope for a discovery
A little Inspiration
A little push to move these dreams of mine

No longer willing to bet on forever.
make the shadows retreat that pursue
I don't want to be a stranger
any longer to this life of mine
This destiny I choose.