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Whose right to cry

by  Scott

Posted: Tuesday, September 02, 2003
Word Count: 157

My life looks charmed

The waters calm

I have a lovely life

Yes and a lovely wife

I suffer no terror

A life seemingly free from fear

So I have no right to cry?

I don’t live with war, poverty or hunger

I am not going to die

Well not yet

So clearly I have no right to cry?

But weep I do, secretly so

My happy face hides a mind almost six feet low

“When you fall asleep before I do, having sweet dreams of me and you, waking up to the sound of what ought to be a Cockatoo, I am still awake at a time set still, thinking of perils to give me a chill. Alone in my mind, oh a dangerous place, the images race and the demons give chase. How can I make them stop, rid myself of my invisible strop”

So behind my smiling eyes

My soul gently cries

But why?