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Blind Date (Expresso)

by  Jubbly

Posted: Saturday, June 24, 2006
Word Count: 114
Summary: Another idea for the Starbucks challenge.

Blind Date

A couple sit at a table drinking their coffee, there is an awkwardness between them, suddenly the woman, PAM, sits back in her chair and closes her eyes.


The man PAUL looks on bemused.

Ahhh, ahh.

PAM continues for several beats, until her faked orgasm reaches a crescendo.

Ahh, yes! Yes! Yes!

PAM bangs her head on the table and writhes about in her seat, PAUL looks on gobsmacked and astonished. Finally when itís over, PAM looks up and runs her hand through her dishevelled hair.

God, Iíve always wanted to do that,have a Meg Ryan moment, so what did you say you do for a living?