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Shades Of Brown

by  Lisa

Posted: Sunday, August 24, 2003
Word Count: 143
Summary: By popular demand, I have reverted to the original title! Thanks for your wisdom, all.

Donít leave me with dying roses
and your narcissi,
vain and gaunt.
Donít forget your greenhouse,
steam house,
childrenís dream house
and its narcotic earthy scent.

Take your russet armchair
with the faded cushions
and your smell.
Remember that teak-framed photograph
when you were the lorry man,
your waving hand so much bigger than

Donít forget to take that warmth
from your coffee-coloured slippers
that swim around my tiny feet.
Finish off those biscuits,
sweep beige crumbs
from the carpet
that make me think of you.

Then thereís the tomatoes:
Who will grow those
and the beans?
The crumbling soil needs your time
to create life
and to give mine

Donít leave me with the ticking clock,
that secret knock
so you know itís me.
Donít leave me with just memories
of plants and sounds
and shades of brown.

Donít leave.