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The Offering

by  Esther Frances

Posted: Monday, March 20, 2006
Word Count: 242
Summary: People have many different aspects - the physical, emotional, spiritual...and within each of these are many layers and is this learning process that leads to real, sustainable love...

And so I open my unique, intellectual self to you
Invite you to examine my school grades
Look at my academic achievements
You nod, you judge me

And then I invite you inside my very level head
To peruse the curious parlour of records and events
Recognise my more obvious potential
You learn from me

And so I arouse your self recognition
Make you want to confide so much more
Make you want to look much deeper inside
You teach me

And though I spend illogical time with you
Talking about mutual things-in-mind
Pressing hints of our other inner selves
You open your mind to me

And so I lift a few more mental barriers
Remove a number of private veils and layers
Open your eyes to other ideas and alternative dreams
You begin to understand me

And then I immerse my private and physical self
In your unexpected attention, your gentle, servile desire
Open your body and mind to a new and interesting vigour
You touch me

And so I peel off my deeper emotional skins
Vulnerable in mind and body to your expressions
Make you privileged to my innermost self
You differentiate me

And so now I stand in front of you scrutinised, smiling and naked
I look at you with confidence, eye to eye, mind to mind
Certain in the knowledge that I have influenced you
Perhaps now you know me

Is this what it is to love?