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The Gift

by  Zettel

Posted: Tuesday, March 14, 2006
Word Count: 103
Summary: It is perhaps a mistake to sexualise romance. Equally to romanticise sex. Here I may have done both. You must judge whether that is a third mistake.


This most ancient act of human kind
Echoes down the years
Born in need but lived in mind
It brings both joy and bitter tears

I am not alone before the void
It whispers to an open heart
Fear free dear Dr Freud
When love transforms two souls apart

This joyous dance of fragile hope
Transforms a selfish need
Into a gift of love
An act of selflessness not greed

This freely offered gift of love or even life
Immortality held for the briefest moment close
A peaceful space in a world of strife
An instant of eternity we cannot lose