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Spirit House

by  apsara

Posted: Saturday, March 4, 2006
Word Count: 83
Summary: In Thailand & Cambodia people have small spirit houses outside their home to encourage the spirits of the place to move there and not haunt the house.

Vandalise the spirit house!
Upset the vase of flowers.
Topple the waxy phallus
and crush the incense sticks.

I am lonely in my mansion,
shorn of creaking doors,
misplaced shadows and random sounds.
Its perfect feng shui leaves no place
for cowering ghosts to hide.
Emptiness reigns, an obese emperor,
whose flesh oozes into every space,
breathing like a sumo wrestler.

Vandalise the spirit house!
And leave the door open,
a bowl of fruit on the table
to entice the spirits back in.