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Jim & Tammys Upper Room

by  Dan W

Posted: Sunday, February 26, 2006
Word Count: 218
Summary: This isnt quite finished yet so sorry about the ending!

Spotless... absolutely spotless. No matter what time of day (or night) you find yourself in this room it will always be this way.
Jim and Tammy are fastidious about their cleanliness,along with their discretion. When you have a room like theirs,believe me you have to be discreet.

OK people,back to the room. Adorning the wall facing you as you enter the room is the most fantastic array of boots.
Different sizes,lengths,materials;PVC,leather,rubber
latex,suede,cord,you name it they've got it. Boots with heels,lace ups,zips.Thigh boots,knee high boots,ankle boots,and ones that fit you like you were poured into them!

The one thing that unites this fine collection of foot and legwear is their colour.They are all
black. Jim and Tammy like black.

Yes folks,this is 'leg worship central',amongst other things of course...
So,if leg worship aint 'your bag' so to speak,there are many more terrifying pieces of
equipment and 'tools of pain' to entertain you.

Providing the home entertainment
are a 'butchers block' and a torture chair.The chair I might add is a beautiful piece
made from oak,with gothic carvings. Very tasteful.

Dominating (no pun intended ) the centre of the room is a large 'revolving wheel' which im informed works both vertically and horizontally!! Donít worry folks, its fitted with leather straps just in case you were worried about falling off!