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Her Dream

by  Jubbly

Posted: Thursday, February 2, 2006
Word Count: 348
Summary: Week 83 challenge.

Her Dream

Ever since Tania could remember she’d wanted to be a film star. Her dream began years ago whilst sipping sweet tea and nibbling dunked biscuits in her Nan’s front room. She watched spellbound as glamorous starlets in satin gowns swept across the tiny screen. She admired they way they lit up long cigarettes in gloomy alleyways and fell into the arms of tall dark strangers, kissing passionately, their perfect painted lips never smudging under pressure.

“Why is there no colour Nan?” little Tania would enquire.

“Oh back in them days love there was no colour, we didn’t get colour till after the war.”

“Really?” she’d gasp.

“That’s right Tan, the whole world was in black and white, imagine that eh?” she winked. “Tut, tut, you silly goose, you’d believe anything wouldn’t you?”

And she would. Tania believed in movie stars and Hollywood and autographs and darkened cinemas where anything could happen.

Years passed and Tania grew up, her Nan passed away and Tania had a baby girl of her own. She still had her dreams though, she’d taken acting classes and kept herself fit at the gym, and as she’d often been told she bore a resemblance to Audrey Hepburn, she’d even signed with a look-alike agency calling herself ‘Tiffany.’

“One day I’ll be famous," Tania would say mantra like to her little girl, “You’ll see, one day mummy will be a film star on the telly and we’ll live in a big mansion with a swimming pool inside and out.”

Then she’d pull little Katy close and smother her in mummy love and desperate promises.

And now here she was, her hair styled and makeup done, her costume tight but extremely flattering, the lights hot on her back and her lines word perfect. The director nodded pleased with what he saw.

“Right, Phil you put your cock back in her mouth and Pete you take her from behind, right action.


A close up on girl’s face reveals a terrible sadness that contrasts violently with the act of making love.