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Dream Faux

by  gard

Posted: Monday, January 9, 2006
Word Count: 179
Summary: This is about an event I witnessed; I had no control over it and was very disturbed by it
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Dream Faux

Wake up wake up last night on the other side
of the door, I heard the creatures cry with torment.
I stood outside for hours wanting to give comfort
but I was too afraid to move or call and I have been
unable to sleep with their thoughts on my mind.

I sit on your bed in the dark and whisper at you of
my strong beliefs and alternate points of view
and yet you sleep through my turmoil. Though
I had tried hard not to wake you, because, I

could tell by your face that you wished good...
That you dreamt of the good of man with your heart
brimming soft, a dandelion clock, ready for release
into clouds of blossom and filaments. I am sad
my voice did not wake and break your heart. But,

let us just sit you asleep and me, we shall wait until
dawn... As the day rises, the bare throated wild birds
will sing you out from these dreams. And if not,
the earth will recover it's losses somehow.