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by  amanda

Posted: Wednesday, December 21, 2005
Word Count: 137


Do you here me
I'm shouting, but u don't her me
r u listening
I don't think so
I yell, and scream
why cant u here me, I don't understand

I'm still here but u don't see me
u look, but u look right throughe me
I touch u, but u don't feel me
I stand with wide open arms, like angels wings
but u just knock me down with no feelings
that's all I can see is feathers falling.

you shine like a ray of sun light,
that float over my broken feathers,
the words I speak,thay don't reach u,
as u drift away the darker it becomes,
I shiver in the could empty darkness,
amongst my broken and torn feathers
I ask why, as I watch your ray of angle light drift away .