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Salsa In The Duck And Bull

by  Tray

Posted: Wednesday, December 7, 2005
Word Count: 167
Summary: Here's a terza rima, (inspired by my first Salsa class last night). I struggled a bit on a couple of end rhymes - any comments would be fab... Tray x

Salsa In The Duck And Bull.

Cigarette smoke swirls through the sultry heat.

Jim taps his hobnailed boots on the bar stool,

bodies sway to the sexy salsa beat.

Jim wants to dance but he’d be called a fool

to think a country farmer can Swivel.

So he rolls a fag and swigs his Real Ale.

Elaine shyly enters The Duck And Bull,

the widow’s taken weeks to join the group;

she wears her dance shoes with their lucky jewel.

Jim looks up, spots a gem amongst the troupe

entranced by the silver haired lady’s smile,

he wishes he’d worn his best Sunday suit.

Jim thinks: “Now’s the time, Bet’s been dead a while,

she always said there’s more to life than cows,”

he slides off his stool with Latino style.

He asks Elaine to dance, gives a stiff bow.

Takes her in his arms; listens to the tone

as the rhythm speeds to a fast beat now.

They dance the Rumba till the cows come home.