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Coffee Jar Coffin

by  Tray

Posted: Friday, November 25, 2005
Word Count: 99
Summary: I am studying poetry as part of my degree course and I am just putting together my End Of Module Folder. I am hoping to include this so any feedback would be great. It is part of a sequence of poems entitled Snapshots Of Urban Life.

I hold you in my hand one final time.
Weighty in your coffee jar coffin,
you strain the Kwiksave handles,
how you hated the weekly shop,
swipe my legs through Forget-Me-Not plots.

The receptionist clamps you to her bosom
I can almost see you smile…
Transferred to an urn you return
in the arms of a burly man,
your mates would have died laughing.

We march to your spot.
Grass skinned back, for once you conform
Fall neatly into place.
Your dent on the settee space.
I top a can of Stella, sip and tip some in for you.