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misbeliever - synopsis

by  eanna

Posted: Thursday, October 27, 2005
Word Count: 402
Summary: Synopsis

There is no way back. All that there is is this life. We become the sun, and with the sun we become the stars, never ever again to be the same whole beings. There is no heaven, no hell, no nothing. We are everything in the entire universe at once, and nothing, forever.

There is a ritual almost two thousand years old, the secret of which is contained in a number of valuable writings that seem to outline the middle years of Jesus Christ. These writings are well guarded and can only be accessed with the express permission of the Church, access that may be granted to a writer for instance, researching a book of religious interpretations and ignorant to the real value of the scrolls.
It is for this reason that Jacob a thriller writer has been coerced into taking on the project offered him. The chance to re-write the bible isn't one that he can possibly refuse.
The protagonist, Michael De Rhy is a powerful French millionaire who is determined that he will not just fade away, that he will live again beyond his advanced years.
Jacob travels to West Africa to obtain the last piece of the puzzle for the book he has now realised to be a deception. But he is hooked by the opportunity to write something bigger than he, a work both lasting and momentous.
Michael De Rhy commits the uncompleted ritual and is unleashed on the world as Leavon. A young and powerful demon, Leavon has only one aim, to find Jacob and solidify his existence by completing the unholy ritual.
After a chase, on which they encounter a group of earthy and empathic characters, Jacob and Leavon finally face each other in a dried-out riverbed atop the waterfall in Banfora, Burkina Faso.
Jacob has no chance. Leavon is far too strong for the man. Yet in the end the earth proves too strong for this unnatural being and the two are swept out over the edge of the cascades by the new waters at the mercy of nature.
Only Jacob survives the fall. Crippled and unable to communicate he fights his was back to a semblance of health, proving what Michael De Rhy could never have learned. This one life is enough for anyone. It is only made more important by its singularity. Jacob is alive and while he is, he is.

The End