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Mr D.Scusting

by  sophie

Posted: Sunday, October 16, 2005
Word Count: 255
Summary: Fun one for children, makes them aware of good hygene!

He walks with a wobble, sometimes a wibble,
From the end of his chin hangs a big glob of dribble.
His clothes are all filthy, never clean,
Not once has he used a washing machine.

His hair is a mess, all greasy and dirty,
In there live nits, I think about thirty.
Never does he wash it or use a comb,
The nits are quite happy to call it their home.

The ears that he has each side of his head
Are both full of worms some people have said.
I've heard a tale it's not only worms,
In one of his ears live a family of germs.

In his mouth are his teeth all covered in plaque,
The ones that are worse are green, sometimes black.
His toothbrush not used still new and fresh
Which is more than can be said 'bout the smell of his breath.

Next is his body all covered in fat,
His legs are like treetrunks, imagine that.
His tummy is huge held in place by his clothes,
When he last saw his toes nobody knows.

Last I will tell you the state of his feet,
All covered in grime no way are they sweet.
If you thought yours were bad, a bit of a pong,
His are much worse, I know I'm not wrong.

So all in all he's not a pretty sight,
No way can I like him, try hard as I might.
His smell is much worse than a dustbin,
That's why his name is MR D.SCUSTING!