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by  Rai15

Posted: Monday, September 19, 2005
Word Count: 439
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They had drugged her
and bundled her away
into the back of a van
her limp wings covering her

They took her, drove her
from the place she knew
took her into urban life
to use her for profit

Crossing the bridge
the doors to the van
buckled outward
until they flung open

Spilling from the van
she landed in the road
and rolled away from
the first oncoming car

Springing to her feet
she dodged another
they made such a din
car horns screaming

Car after car she evaded
until she was caught
in the headlights of a car
fast approaching her head-on

Lightning fast and with
precision aim she brought
down a heavy fist into
the bonnet of the blue car

As it crumpled like paper
the nose of the car hit the floor
the back wheels rose up
and it flipped over her

Screeching brakes halted the next
as she slid her hands underneath
threw it into the air and
watched as it span away

The whole bridge began to freeze
those that stopped in front of her
she kicked aside like
tin cans on the pavement

She created a clearing
around herself and swiftly
spread out her wings
to keep onlookers at bay

The fear affect did not hold
and they began to close in
pawing hands outstretched
make-shift nets approaching

She beat her wings and
carried herself clear
of the ever shrinking circle
surprising them and landing on a car

She ran, avoiding wrecks
and the staring hoards
bashing into car doors
sending people flying

Panicking more and more
seeing growing crowds
sirens in the distance
and flashing lights gaining

She jumped onto a car bonnet
ran along the body
and launched herself
high into the air

Flying low she began
to purposefully scare
those below her who
tried to catch her

From behind her a loud
voice is calling, gruffly
she turns and hovers
to see a mass of dark uniforms

Their weapons trained on her
she doesn’t understand a single thing
they’re saying until the first projectile
whistles past her face

Scared as more come
she ducks and dives
turning to flee but
one clips her wing

She grabs hold of a girder
running overheard the people
heaving herself onto it
she stands and stares

As the projectiles come faster
and harder, more and more
she looks out at the river
and runs for the edge

Time slowed as she silently fell
her wings dragging clumsily
she hit the water and
up above they all stared down

She never came to surface
not beneath the bridge
not downstream
they never found her