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Goddess Aurora

by  gigergal

Posted: Monday, September 5, 2005
Word Count: 184
Summary: My most recent poem, inspired by the Northern Lights and influenced by my favourite authors.

In inky blackness stars burn bright.
Hills swollen with gleaming moonlight.
Shadow wraiths dance on the mounds,
Wearing moonbeams for their crowns.
Each evanescent face to heaven turns,
To behold the sign for which each one yearns.
"Oh celestial Aurora" they beseech.
The sound howls forth, an eldritch screech.
"Anoint us with your beguiling light,
So we may soar free this very night.
Many a long and lonely year,
We have tarried in these caves austere.
Come now and set us free,
So we may rise and live with thee."
Sudden silence falls all around
These wraiths with moonbeams crowned.
Eerie stillness charged with pregnant suspense,
The Cimmerian sky cleaves with light immense.
Discharging nebulous greenish glow,
That curls and twists in demonic flow.
Brighter and brighter doth Aurora shimmer,
Illuminating wraiths with unholy glimmer.
Until blazing forth with Viridian glare,
Shot through with virulent Phthalo flare.
Aurora herself appears at last,
To quench the wraiths' sequestered fast.
With one last glowing flare,
She welcomes them into the flickering air.
With unearthly shrieks the wraiths arise,
And fly as one into the turbulent skies.