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Love or Tradition?

by  Ambitions of Lisa

Posted: Monday, August 1, 2005
Word Count: 160
Summary: Inspired by a great friend who is coping with family pressures regarding marriage, tradition and culture.

I haven't met her yet
she is still a fantasy
appearing in my dreams
Iíve never seen her face

I love her already
but I donít know her
it is forever, her and I
I have yet to discover her name

She hasnít entered my life
yet she is out there
somewhere, my destiny
I will not settle for another

How can I explain
to those who gave me life
surely they understand
I need love, true love

They want me to be happy
yet they pressure me
to abide by tradition
and culture

I do not wish for conflict
I feel I need time
space to find my own way
to fall in love as fate wishes

How would another feel
if I gave myself to her
against my true wishes
sad she was not my soulmate?

Why the urgency to commit?
I do not understand
surely to have the choice is best
than to throw away my love