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For Hirut

by  libera

Posted: Saturday, July 19, 2003
Word Count: 194
Summary: Written for my cousin's wife after she gave birth.

Copyright © Anita Ibru 2003

For Hirut

I watched as they slept peacefully
Delicately cradled during sleep.
I smiled to myself, imagining what they would both say, one day:
“Look! You have mother in you,”
“And you have our father, so that makes two.”
Yes, two precious little halves of a double miracle
Marking the beginning, present and future
Of a long line of love between us.
How was it possible,
The intimate being coupled with such innocence?
That nature had provided us with two distinct gifts
Featuring elements of you and me?
These precious little things are not just records
Of our private times spent,
They’re an inspiration.
Where one can see the wholesome within the sexual
And adulthood becomes one with youth and innocence.
When I look at them,
Only pure thoughts and hopes spring into my mind.
We shall love them, provide for them.
For our babes deserve the best chance
In this life.
My love, we now have a family
And our line of love shall grow.
We shall watch and learn,
And nurture this pair, from year to year.
Our two examples, of an even stronger love to come.