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La Fin de la Lolita (revised)

by  seanfarragher

Posted: Monday, July 4, 2005
Word Count: 362
Summary: Flash Dream Cartoons -- Written from prompt:
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Content Warning
This piece and/or subsequent comments may contain strong language.

La Fin de la Lolita (for Alizée)
Flash Dream Cartoons -- Written after prompt:

Darwin's Fantasy
What can you imagine
said the slug to the frog?

--"We inherit the earth."
--"There's no fucking zero."

Sun Dance Dreams
Alizée swishes ass on the marsh with Monet
gathering fauve colors in her bouquet.

She parts the windows to heaven.
I hold her wet fingers and we scribble
in crayon and chalk the boundary
of the next tabular Rasa.

We wait in stand-by.
No planes on the tarmac.
No one lets us know
they had reserved all the seats and left
opaque mirages of our sexual
fantasies that break into midnight raids
on Polly Paradise's TV kitchen.

Alizée laughed at the broken stained glass windows;
her hair perfectly folded with carmine lip gloss and sequins-–
No one awakes to fake the sunrise.

"Sultry" is a marvelous word. Can you imagine more
sex than the end of the smile while Lolita half dances?

Player piano rags and we approximate loss,
false return from death across flasher dreams

Where is Alice? Last night she wore
her topless white communion dress.
She snapped songs with a Polaroid
pulling sheets from its heart
to measure the interval in the magic
of space where the floods shift zero
becomes false: when you stall
you start. When you lift you fall
and there's delirium when you grind.

Is death or birth more a river than a tongue?
Masturbation never ends. The orgasm
sprays gold from idol to icon; Alizée runs
in her twenty year aftershock nightmare;
she flips money trees and God's not dead.

"I came upon a midnight clear;"
the tide had no force. No water
existed. No air too but the flush of gas
burned our eyes to satisfy the legal
requirements of testicular blindness.

The more you see the Nobel horizon
the darker red shift of jukeboxes.
Save your condoms, candy wrappers
wild baseball bubble gum chews--
rare candy wrappers are sold on eBay.

Listen please listen. Don't forget
to buy fake tobacco for Lolita.
Make certain she grows up
strong; don’t forget that desire can
become the end of make believe.