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A Matter of Life and Death

by Zettel 

Posted: 23 January 2020
Word Count: 105

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A Matter of Life and Death

I have never denied God
I do not know
What that might mean
Or why He would care
Death is not an event in life
Wittgenstein said
If there is life after death
Then there is no
Being dead 
Just two modes
Of living

If death is the end
Then there is no
Being dead
No pain no grief
No regret no fear
Just - no being
Whatever that might mean

The pain of death
(Not dying)
Is felt by the living
Death makes life sacred
And love shows
we see the truth
and at last
We understand. 

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Comments by other Members

michwo at 23:51 on 02 February 2020  Report this post
Keith, I've posted my comment away from Nehu's as I suspect him, without any tangible proof of course, of trying to sell something - the Kama Sutra?  It's lonely on writewords.org.uk and especially this Poetry Writers Group without James Graham to steer it anymore.  He must have died not so long after posting his comment on your "Nature. Human" and is still very much missed, especially by those who knew him personally like Oonah Joslin (V'yonne).  His comments were stimulating and always perceptive and, having just read his comment on "Nature. Human", unstinting in their desire to encourage and genuinely comprehend.  I can't do what he did I'm afraid.  When you write I have never denied God... I think immediately of Baudelaire's poem "Le reniement de Saint Pierre" ("Saint Peter's Denial") and that last line intended to be shocking:  Saint Pierre a renié Jésus... il a bien fait! (Saint Peter denied knowing Jesus...  he was right to do so!)  But then why believe, as so many people do in the world, that Jesus WAS God?  So I immediately project an emotion onto an abstract thought on your part.  Your intellectuality is admirable in its way.  Is it practicable?  You've never denied God, it seems to me, because your Kingdom, as Albert Camus once said of himself, is entirely of this world and therefore the notion of God is irrelevant anyway.  If there is life after death/ Then there is no/ Being dead... (Thesis)  If death is the end/ Then there is no/ Being dead... (Antithesis)  The pain of death [...] Is felt by the living... (Synthesis) and James Graham's death was certainly a prime example of that.  And, in a case like James's, i.e. the death of a righteous man, if God did not exist, we would have to invent him to make sense of the life that preceded his death.  (Sorry - philosophy doesn't suit me. My five senses constantly interfere with it.)

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