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by Cliff Hanger 

Posted: 28 July 2017
Word Count: 43
Summary: This is at an early stage and a complete experiment. I was inspired by Mike's grouse love poem to try to write one of my own but because the summer prompt is Interference used physics. I think I found it easier to express the physics than the love. Oh, dear. Any suggestions? It's okay to say bin it.

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We oscillate
Remain aligned
Crash under breakers
Burst into light
Electro-magnetic power
draws together strings unbound
So the medium of disturbance
can produce a purer sound
Interference cancelling out the
sum of space and time
Amplitude increasing
as our equal states combine

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Comments by other Members

ronaldanne at 14:08 on 28 July 2017  Report this post
Hi Jane, I don't think you should bin this...give it a bit of space and time.

I'm incapable of writing a decent love poem so I don't know how much help I can be but I'll make an effort. The only love poem I ever finished was to or about the Higgs Boson. The one suggestion I can think to make is to try to intermingle something like classic love poem images with the the physics terminology...
Electro-magnetic power
draws together strings unbound
My heart is chained to you.
Well now you can understand why I can't write a love poem. Hopefully my lame example doesn't put you off the idea. I do believe you have a good idea here and it does deserve to see the light of day.


Cliff Hanger at 15:21 on 28 July 2017  Report this post
Thanks Ron

I think Mike's works because it has a frailty or vulnerability that I just can't channel.

I'd love to read your love poem to a Higgs Boson.


James Graham at 19:27 on 28 July 2017  Report this post
On first reading it does seem that, if this is about a love relationship as well as physics, the love aspect is pretty submerged. Detectable - especially in the first four lines where emotional peaks and troughs are suggested by a series of metaphors - but otherwise indistinct.

There does seem to be a tenuous connection between each couplet and a human relationship, e.g. 'draws together strings unbound' could suggest differences resolved. Possibly a single line, without scientific terminology, placed before or after each couplet, giving us the briefest glimpse of an episode or moment in a relationship. Each single line could be made to relate in some way, even quite obliquely, to the accompanying couplet. Easier said than done!

I'll come back to this poem as soon as I can. I'm working on a new poem of my own just now...hard work, as you know! smiley


Cliff Hanger at 20:06 on 28 July 2017  Report this post
Thanks James,

Maybe I tried too hard to follow the prompt. It's quite a tricky one (I find) but I wanted to try to step up to the challenge. Perhaps physics isn't the most romatic of areas or who knew that the challenge for me was actually writing about love? I'll think about it for a bit but suspect this isn't really a goer. Your mention of submerged love makes me wonder about working around illustrating how submerged might be equivalent to deep. Will mull it over.

Don't worry about spending time on this one.

Hope your new poem progresses well. Looking forward to it.


James Graham at 16:26 on 29 July 2017  Report this post
Your mention of submerged love makes me wonder about working around illustrating how submerged might be equivalent to deep.
I recognised this as the kind of idea I have myself sometimes - not one that can be turned into a poem right away, but one that should be left to simmer. Or ferment if you prefer. Hold on to it!


Thomas Norman at 18:42 on 29 July 2017  Report this post
Hi Jane,

It would be a shame to bin this because I think the idea is a good one. As I read the prompt it could also mean something ghostly (at least that's how I'm writing for it!) and it seems to me that physics in its rawest form is ghostly. ie. we cannot track quanta. electrons can be in two places at the same time etc. I'm not so sure about bringing love into the picture but maybe if Ron posts his love poem to the Higgs Boson it may set you along those lines.

I must say I was quite surprised to hear you have trouble writing love poems, I think they are easy and have written dozens. Or did you just mean in relationship to waves?

Whatever, don't give up on it, it's al useful experience!


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