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Girl at Bangor Station

by nickb 

Posted: 09 March 2009
Word Count: 195
Summary: A brief encounter

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From a distance I saw you,
sat at the far end of the platform, wrapped
against the cold.
Intrigued, I walked your way,
drawn by some compulsion,
casting wary glances.

You were locked in thought, as if not quite sure
of your heading, gazing out over the rails
and roofs, seeing something I did not.
Feeling the winter sunís compassion
you turned your head, shut your eyes to draw it in.
You smiled at the tender, tranquil warmth
with such verve, such life .

Why could I not take my eyes away?
What connection made me dote and
cast caring prophecies to the wind?
A careless, animal attraction with
no expectation, and elation
clinging to my separate road.

I stared for minutes until nearby a
blackbird sang his heart,
loud and clamouring. Coming round you
caught my eye but did not see me,
and moments later the song of the rails
predicted departure. As you rose
your phone bleeped a text, and
giggling you boarded the train,
your journey now seeming certain, your
heading straight and true.

Watching your face I think
I guessed your message,
which left me smiling in the sweet
Winter sun.

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Comments by other Members

V`yonne at 22:38 on 10 March 2009  Report this post
I liked that Nick and my husband is in Bangor just now. Said he'd text me if his train got delayed or anything. Coincidence
I think you could tighten it in places but it draws you in...
Feeling the winter sunís compassion

blackbird sang his heart,
loud and clamouring.

nickb at 22:20 on 11 March 2009  Report this post
Thanks for the feedback, glad you like parts of it. Hope he got back from Bangor OK! I'll take another look to see what may be irrelevant in it.


V`yonne at 22:54 on 13 March 2009  Report this post
Welcome. He's back now

JessicaPaul at 18:33 on 22 August 2011  Report this post
Hi Nick,
Did this really happen?
I've always wanted to write about these moments but never manage to do them justice.
Intrigued, I walked your way,
drawn by some compulsion,
casting wary glances.
This sentance, encompasses everything I've ever wanted to say! About a moment when you see someone you don't know, but you are compelled to get closer to them, but you also don't want to be found out to be staring at them. In that moment you can't stop yourself from looking at them and yet you feel scared to.
Like the way you describe certain things ...
the song of the rails
predicted departure
... what a way to say I heard the train and knew you'd be getting on it! I applaud you!
Also like that in the last paragraph you feel you can almost guess what was in her text as if there's some connection between the two of you and it makes you smile too.
If this did really happen and you ever see her again, for gods sake, go and talk to her, and perhaps show her the poem...women love a hopeless romantic!

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